EW Staff
August 20, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Golden Phoenix, Dark Night

”I hope that soon people will say Joaquin Phoenix without something about River to go with it. He is his own actor.”


Victoria, British Columbia

Thank you for putting Joaquin Phoenix on your cover! He is one of my faves and one of the most underrated actors. Anyone who doubts it should rent ”Gladiator” and ”Quills.” You will see two different people, both undeniably convincing. I hope that soon people will say Joaquin Phoenix without something about River to go with it. He is his own actor. Also, great article on ”The Village.” M. Night and Joaq teamed up again? Boss. Very boss. DAYNA ANDERSON

danderson1320@hotmail.com Victoria, British Columbia

The only thing more ridiculous than the M. Night Shyamalan fever that has infected critics and audiences is the fact that he seems to be the prime perpetuator of said fever. He’s a filmmaker so full of himself, his films cannot even begin to justify his own smugness. Not only do his movies play off as manipulative and as a pale Hitchcock/Spielberg imitation, they offend with the didactic air that Lisa Schwarzbaum speaks of in the same issue’s Ask the Critic column.


docbrown2015@cs.com Tinley Park, Ill.

Fuse Control

Thank you for recognizing Fuse. As a member of the new generation of music listeners I find MTV useless. It’s very sad that a music channel is considered unique simply because it plays music videos instead of reality shows. Fuse has introduced me to many new artists and my favorite band, the Rasmus. The amount of influence Fuse viewers have via the Web is the future of music television, with shows like ”Dedicate Live” and ”Oven Fresh.” The rebelliousness of Fuse is a breath of fresh air to a suffo-cating music industry.



Victorville, Calif.

Yes, yes and yes! I do want my Fuse! I was so excited to finally see something written about true music television. I have been a huge fan of the network before it was even called Fuse (when it was Much Music USA). I can’t think of a single show on Fuse that’s not musically related and completely driven by it. They give you a taste of what is out there that MTV won’t even consider. In my honest opinion, MTV does not hold the right to call themselves ”music television” anymore. I grew up with MTV, and am disappointed by what they have turned into. I willingly admit that I boycott MTV. I refuse to watch it. I have my Fuse — the real music television — and I won’t turn back!


cassandranb_83@hotmail.com Glendale, Ariz.

One Moore Time

BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A subscription to EW in Singapore, I buy it each week at my local newsstand. The first thing I turn to is the letters page. Being 10,000 miles from my home in the U.S., I like that EW gives me a little bit of my own culture. The letters from the July 30 issue made me thankful that I don’t have to face the bigotry and hatefulness of the people whose thoughts appear there. As a proud U.S. citizen, born and bred in Kansas, working in a job that supports the U.S. community here (including families of U.S. military personnel), and voting absentee at every opportunity, I am constantly amazed by the uninformed and inarticulate people who are represented in the letters published. Often they provide a good laugh, but the letters from that issue were astonishing in their pure hatred and immaturity. To focus on Michael Moore’s size rather than his thoughts, to state that the facts in his film ”Fahrenheit 9/11” are dubious without offering any substantiation (especially when almost all his information is in the public domain), and finally to be so childlike as to declare that one would vote for President Bush just to spite Moore is beyond comprehension.

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