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How the Calling's new single is everywhere

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They say TV is the new radio, and that?s sho? nuff true in the case of the Calling?s single ”Our Lives.” The anthemic song has been endlessly featured in sports programming and in on-air promos for two upcoming network TV programs, ”Life as We Know It” (ABC) and ”Clubhouse” (CBS). In fact, it was selected to be the latter show?s theme and was also used in the Aug. 10 episode of The WB?s ”Summerland.” Why is ”Our Lives” so omnipresent? Marketing, baby. Ron Broitman, VP of BMG Film and TV Music, loved its ”uplifting, positive” message and decided to put some muscle behind it. ”We got it to those creative people who are always looking for the right song,” he says. But does the L.A. act worry about being pigeonholed, à la the Rembrandts, whose ”I?ll Be There for You” forever made them ”that group who did the ‘Friends’ theme”? Calling singer Alex Band isn?t sweating it: ”Please. If ‘Clubhouse’ does as well as everybody thinks it?s gonna do, you won?t hear me complaining.”