EW Staff
August 20, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Still catching summer flicks? Hollywood?s ahead of you. The shakers have staked out fall, and this year?s prestige-picture lineup teems with the lives of famous guys: Kevin Spacey is crooner Bobby Darin (”Beyond the Sea”), and Jamie Foxx is the late Ray Charles (”Ray”). Colin Farrell dons a tunic to play Macedonian king Alexander, Gael García Bernal embodies revolutionary Che Guevara in ”The Motorcycle Diaries,” and Liam Neeson frets in a lab coat as sex researcher ”Kinsey.” You can also expect dueling cheekbone action from Leonardo DiCaprio (”The Aviator”) and Johnny Depp (”Finding Neverland”). If all that sounds too A&E Biography, there?ll be CG superheroes (”The Incredibles”), not to mention a chick flick or two (”Wimbledon,” ”Shall We Dance?”). And if you?ve got a Jude Law jones, rejoice: He appears in six films before New Year?s, beginning with our first entry, ”Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.” So let it out, and let it in. Hey, Jude, begin!

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