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The Lovers Of Algeria

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The Lovers Of Algeria, a compelling, richly plotted novel of love and redemption, translated from the French into dense and fluid prose, follows the fortunes of mismatched lovers in war-torn Algeria. Traveling to his village in 1955 with his new Swiss wife, an Algerian peasant is questioned and tortured by the French police. Marked as an informer by the Algerian Liberation Front, Nassreddine finally arrives home to find Anna deported, and his mother and children murdered. Forty years later, Anna, still an unwelcome foreigner, returns to Algeria to search for her husband, defying both government forces and Islamic terrorists. Anouar Benmalek, a founder of the Algerian Committee Against Torture who lives in exile in Paris, offers a hopeful tale that adroitly employs old-fashioned storytelling to denounce political oppression.