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EW's TV critic admits to his guilty pleasure

EW’s TV critic admits to his guilty pleasure. Ken Tucker’s secret is out… he TiVos Craig Kilborn to watch him leer

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Brooke Burns, Craig Kilborn
Craig Kilborne: AJ Sisco

EW’s TV critic admits to his guilty pleasure

Do you have a guilty-pleasure show? One that you’re ashamed to admit you not only watch, but rearrange your schedule to watch? — Cynthia Schmidt
You readers really like to force out my most embarrassing habits, don’t you? Okay, I admit it: I will TiVo Craig Kilborn’s ”Late Late Show” any time I see that he’s booked a model or an actress whom I know Kilborn thinks is hot. Why? Because I find his infinite variations on winking come-ons and arrested-adolescent awe weirdly fascinating. Whether it’s Carmen Electra or Marg Helgenberger, the guy does it over and over — he operates on TV Viagra.

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