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On Call

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On Call

On Call

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Emily R. Transue
St. Martin's Press

We gave it a B+

Medicine is often viewed as a cold, exact science with remote doctors who are quick to diagnose and move on to their next charge. Emily R. Transue puts a refreshingly human face on the profession in her compelling account of her years as a fresh-out-of-medical-school resident in On Call. With an assured voice and keen humor, Transue exposes quaking thoughts of ”I can’t be your doctor…. I’m only an intern — worse yet, I’m a fraud” that lie just beneath the long white coat. From the odd sensation of smelling raspberry strudel while performing chest compressions to the delicate task of telling a patient that he is dying of lung cancer, Transue’s empathetic, candid anecdotes prove that compassion still exists in a seemingly sterile practice.