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Sam Rockwell made our list of favorite movie hitmen

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Sam Rockwell, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind: Everett Collection

Sam Rockwell made our list of favorite movie hitmen

PLAYED BY Sam Rockwell

THE LOWDOWN As Barris contends in his memoir of the same title, the ”Gong Show” and ”Dating Game” impresario’s day job as a TV producer was a cover for his work as an international assassin for the CIA.

WEAPONS OF CHOICE Handgun with silencer, poison

REDEEMING VIRTUE He does have an adorable sweetheart, Penny (Drew Barrymore), whom he ultimately marries. Not sure if we can forgive him, however, for foisting upon us the Unknown Comic and Gene Gene the Dancing Machine.

WHY HE MADE OUR LIST Barris’ story seems too absurd to be true, but if anyone could convince us, it’s the intense-but-goofy Rockwell.