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Q&A with ''Man in the Mirror'''s Flex Alexander

Q&A with ”Man in the Mirror”’s Flex Alexander. The actor says it’s good to be the King of Pop in VH1’s biopic

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Flex Alexander (UPN’s ”One on One”) wants to be startin’ something: He’s playing the King of Pop in VH1’s ”Man in the Mirror: Michael Jackson Story,” airing Aug. 6 at 9 p.m.

Why take on this role?
[When] I sat down with the producers and saw that it wasn’t a Michael-bashing movie, I was all in. I’ve always been a Michael fan. I wanted to become a Jehovah’s Witness — that’s how much of a fan I was. How did you nail the voice? Tight underwear? Nobody pinching me, none of that. I watched tapes to get his cadence. He’s very soft-spoken. In interviews, with questions that are more difficult or irritate him, he goes in a deeper register.

How’s your moonwalk?
I was doing that back in the day — the electric boogie and the break dancing — so that was easy.

What was the makeup process like?
[His current face] was my least favorite because that took the longest. We didn’t do any prosthetics because I wanted people to pay attention to the movie and not say, ”Oh, man, look at the chin!”

By the way, are you expecting quadruplets?
I have a son and a daughter. That’s it. The shop is closed.