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Who's making deals in the week of July 30, 2004

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MOVIES You gotta love ”Drumline”’s Nick Cannon. The go-getter wanted to make a movie with Lindsay Lohan, so he came up with the idea and, lo and behold, Lohan signed on. ”’Mean Girls’ was off the hook,” he says. ”And I was like, It would be cool if she and I could do a romantic comedy. But I didn’t want to just do the typical black-white thing ’cause that’s played, and I believe in our day and age we could look past that. So that’s when I was like, She could play a real ”Sex and the City” type of young lady and I could play an eccentric blind man!” Who meet, appropriately, on a blind date — the movie, which Adam Sandler will help produce, is even tentatively titled ”Blind Date.” ”’Scent of a Woman’ is one of my favorite movies too,” Cannon adds, ”so I’m like, If I could pull the blind thing off comedically, like Al Pacino pulled it off dramatically, I might be able to win.” Not to mention: Hoo-wah! ”Exactly.”… ”Eucalyptus” is a beautiful word. Yoo-ca-lip-tus. It’s also the title of a new movie that beautiful mind Russell Crowe is in talks to star. Based on Murray Bail’s 1999 novel of the same name, it’s about a man who, walking through a forest of eucalyptus trees, woos a young maiden with his Scheherazade-like storytelling.

TELEVISION Fifteen years after forever winning the Deal Report’s heart as Nadine in ”Drugstore Cowboy,” Heather Graham is gonna play a shrink next season on ”Scrubs.” ”It’s an age-old comedy technique,” says ”Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence. ”Anytime you put a shrink into a workplace family, it’s pretty easy to pick apart everybody’s dysfunctions.” And Graham’s character, Dr. Molly Clark, has an especially screwed-up personal life. Here is one of her lines from the opening show — imagine Heather’s voice reciting it as you read: ”Show me a well-adjusted, successful man who wants to settle down and have kids and I’m not interested, but find me an alcoholic in his mid-30s that still thinks his band might make it, and just tell me where I can show up and buy him dinner.”