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The new Lois Lane adds spice to ''Smallville''

The new Lois Lane adds spice to ”Smallville” – Newcomer Erica Durance mixes things up in the anticipated new season the hit WB show

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In the world of The WB’s ”Smallville,” there’s only one thing more threatening to young Superman than kryptonite: creative lethargy. But have no fear — Lois Lane is here! Played by Canadian newcomer Erica Durance, Superman’s future lady love arrives in Smallville during the Sept. 22 season premiere as a sassy college frosh, investigating the apparent death of cousin Chloe (Allison Mack). ”It’s the mythic jolt we needed,” says executive producer Alfred Gough, citing a need to spice things up between Clark Kent (Tom Welling) and Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk). ”[The couple] went from I hope they get together to Sweet God, enough already!” While Superman’s movie overlords (that is, Warner Bros.) have forbidden romance from taking flight during Lois’ 13-episode stint, there will be some intimate encounters: Her meet-cute with Clark finds the teen of steel in his birthday suit. ”Hello!” says Durance, 26, who despite inexperience has fan-girl cred. ”I read a lot of comics growing up,” she says. ”My mom used to say, `Would you please read a book?’ She was worried where I was going in my life.”