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Why hasn't Courtney Cox Arquette gotten an Emmy nod?

Why hasn’t Courtney Cox Arquette gotten an Emmy nod? Ken Tucker tries to explain why one Friend keeps going without

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Courteney Cox

Why hasn’t Courtney Cox Arquette gotten an Emmy nod?

With the Emmy nominations coming up, I wonder why Courteney Cox Arquette has never been nominated, when all of her fellow Friends have. I say she’s every bit as good, and doesn’t deserve to be ignored. — Jeremy
I agree, Jeremy. Cox Arquette gave Monica a manic, control-freak edge that was dependably amusing either as simmering rage or explosions into deft slapstick. She made her character’s fierce competitiveness — not an attractive trait — funny. I think she gets overlooked because the actress has always been such a selfless ensemble player. Emmy voters didn’t even give her a a final-hurrah nod this year. Other actors in ensemble casts who shoulda got a statue? James Marsters in ”Buffy” and/or ”Angel”; Claire Danes in ”My So-Called Life”; Victor Garber in ”Alias.” All these performers have been victims of Emmy’s snobbery against teen and sci-fi shows. Finally, of course, there is the enduring crime: ”The Simpsons” deserves a best-comedy Emmy, not merely the best-animated ones it’s racked up. Reaching back, did you know Jackie Gleason never got an Emmy for ”The Honeymooners”? Crazy!

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