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How's Your News?

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How's Your News?

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In Season
Trey Parker, Matt Stone

We gave it a B+

This low-budget-looking doc — executive-produced by ”South Park”’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone — operates on the idea that watching five physically and mentally disabled adults travel cross-country in an RV and play newscaster for man-on-the-street interviews is intrinsically funny. And you know what? Maybe it is. Even if every encounter doesn’t pop, there are laughs aplenty in How’s Your News?, as when a lovable lug named Ronnie keeps asking people about his ”spiritual brother,” ”Medical Center” star Chad Everett, or a sweet-tempered guy with Down syndrome named Sean neglects yet again to come up with the killer follow-up question. Most astonishingly, this screwball little movie rarely feels exploitative — and is actually rather moving. Busloads of EXTRAS, including a touching meeting between Ronnie and Everett, and the original pilot, featuring a hilarious interview with random crazy New Yorker ”Hank the Blank, the Motherf — -ing Skank.”