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Which products were spotted in this week's movies?

Which products were spotted in this week’s movies? Automobiles were the theme found in ”Spider-Man 2,” ”Before Sunset,” and ”The Clearing”

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Here in their cars, they feel safest of all…except Robert Redford, who gets abducted out of his. This week: vehicles!

NYC TAXI Before she learns he’s a dreamy superhero, ”Spider-Man 2”’s Mary Jane runs over Peter’s heart…then runs off in a conveniently-just-sitting-there (reality-check alert) yellow cab.

PEUGEOT No longer dirt-poor, reunited (and still chatty) lovers Jesse and Celine are chauffeured back to her Parisian pad in a sporty SUV in ”Before Sunset.”

LEXUS As ”The Clearing”’s big businessman, Redford (”the man Hertz and Avis are afraid of”) tools around in this luxury ride — until he meets up with kidnapper Willem Dafoe.