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Why the original ''Stepford'' wins over the remake

Why the original ”Stepford” wins over the remake — EW recommends renting the 1975 original instead of seeing the remake currently in theaters

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Why the original ”Stepford” wins over the remake

Okay, the original is kinda kitschy. Still, the adaptation of Ira Levin’s edgy novel overcame a histrionic script and spotty acting thanks to a zeit-geisty concept — women’s-lib-fearing guys turn their wives into docile robots — and enough guts to see the cautionary tale through to the gruesome end. Now we’ve got a shiny-but-pointless 2004 update filled with high-wattage stars (Nicole Kidman! Glenn Close!) spouting empty one-liners and tech-geek husbands wielding remote controls for their robo-gals. Plus, a silly, twist-for-twist’s-sake ending that’s hell-bent on being oh so modern. Stick with the creepy cult classic — and be thankful that we’ve progressed enough in 30 years to render a remake obsolete.