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Lynda Carter on her ''Wonder Woman'' legacy

Lynda Carter on her ”Wonder Woman” legacy — The actress, who shot to fame as the female superhero, discusses the release of its first season on DVD

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It’s been three decades since Lynda Carter donned those infamous satin tights and fought for women’s rights in ”Wonder Woman”’s Nazi-filled first season. Just don’t get her started on that invisible plane.

You didn’t love your ride?

Come on, it looked like a big plastic plane with a Greyhound bus seat! DC Comics recently presented me with the ”key” to the invisible plane.

Who should star in the long-rumored Wonder Woman movie?

I’m pulling for an unknown who approaches the character as a human being. Some actors play superheroes like caricatures. I believed I was Wonder Woman. We love fantasy characters because we believe.

Why do you think Wonder Woman endures?

Her humanity. That’s what people identify with. I never played her in a sexy way. If a woman’s boyfriend was going, ”Oh my God, Wonder Woman’s so — ” she’d say, ”Shut up. Wonder Woman would punch you in the mouth.”