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A look at Brando's best '80s-and-later films

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Marlon Brando, Matthew Broderick, ...
The Freshman: Weber Anita/SIPA/NewsCom

A look at Brando’s best ’80s-and-later films

The Freshman (1990)
Andrew Bergman’s classically structured screwball comedy let Brando offer a gentle parody of his ”Godfather” role — he’s a crime boss who drafts a hapless film student (Matthew Broderick) into becoming his newest employee. Effectively, this is the final full Brando performance, and it ushers him out on a wonderfully sweet, lyrical note — an ice-skating scene in which we see that, in spite of his bulk, he had never lost his athlete’s grace.

(This is an online-only excerpt from Entertainment Weekly’s July 16, 2004, cover story.)