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Buddy Cooper Finds A Way

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Buddy Cooper Finds A Way

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Neil O'Boyle Connelly

We gave it a B+

Pet funerals, faked amnesia, clairvoyant visions on QVC, a minor-league pro wrestler who hears Jesus through his hearing aid another who swears heaven sounds like Patsy Cline, and a stadium-size asteroid heading directly for Earth. Yeah, there’s much to ”Buddy Cooper” that lands just this side of bizarre, but somehow it all makes a silly kind of sense. Connelly’s titular hero — a perpetually losing wrestler dubbed the Unknown Kentucky Terror — delivers an endearing mix of self-effacement, wonder, warmth, downtrodden despair, and fury that’s both comic and chilling. In fact, his storytelling hand is so steady that we almost forget that it’s really just your basic ne’er-do-well father-and-ex-husband redemption tale, albeit one with a cameo by Patrick Swayze.