Daniel Fierman
June 30, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mongo: Adventures in Trash

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Ted Botha
We gave it an A-

Ted Botha is a journalist. He’s also a mongo collector — an odd breed who scavenge off the street. Mongo examines Botha’s comrades, a patchy group of tribes living off the grid in New York City. Each chapter looks at a different subspecies, from ”canners” who rely on bottle returns to ”anarchists” who dumpster-dive for food; from amateur archaeologists who excavate 19th-century outhouses to dealers who sift through discarded books for first editions. In essence, Botha (who has freelanced at EW as a copy editor) is exploring fascinating questions of value. What is trash? How much of our history — be it personal, political, or social — do we put on the curb in black plastic bags? It’s delightfully weird, and thought-provoking enough to make you consider panning through garbage for gold.

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