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The Preservationist

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The Preservationist

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David Maine

We gave it a B+

Here’s a question they never addressed in Sunday school: What was it really like on Noah’s ark? Maine offers one set of answers in his salty debut novel: It was boring, miserable, and cramped. The biblical patriarch, whom Maine calls Noe, was a priapic old tyrant with a direct line to God and a weary, angry wife (”Does he even know my name? Don’t bet on it”). His sons were impatient, rebellious, and horny: ”If it’s going to flood, then flood already,” says Japheth. ”If not, well, I’ve got business to take care of, things to do, a wife to rut.” It’s not a profound novel, nor a memorable one, but Maine has spun a fun, irreverent tale from one of the oldest stories in the world.