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The movie Disney DOES want you to see

The movie Disney DOES want you to see — After refusing to distribute ”Fahrenheit 9/11,” the company is now promoting ”America’s Heart & Soul,” which paints a more patriotic picture of American life

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Controversy, violence, and comedy would seem like the perfect recipe for a summer blockbuster — but not for Disney, which blocked its Miramax division from releasing Michael Moore’s Bush-bashing doc, ”Fahrenheit 9/11.” ”[The film] just didn’t work with our company policy,” explains Dennis Rice, Disney’s senior VP of publicity. What does work with it is Louis Schwartzberg’s 86-minute greeting card, ”America’s Heart & Soul.” The ode to American values — picture purple mountain majesty — hits theaters July 2 (”Fahrenheit,” released by the Fellowship Adventure Group, opens June 25). ”Unlike [Moore], Schwartzberg doesn’t cram his message down your throat. He just shows the world as we know it,” says Rice, who’s hoping Disney’s outreach to Rotary Clubs will help draw crowds to witness ”America”’s 24 patriotic vignettes, including profiles of a blind mountaineer and a reformed felon. ”The film is like a patchwork quilt of all the different voices that make up this country.” All those, that is, but Moore’s.