EW Staff
June 18, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Benefit of No Doubt

Thanks for putting No Doubt on the cover. Finally, a magazine that realizes there are more members of no doubt than Gwen Stefani. It was great to finally read an article where we get to hear the other band members’ opinions on Gwen’s decision to make her first album without the band. Their tour will be the best one this year. JAMIE COLLELO californya2003@hotmail.com Milwaukee

Summer School

Thumbs-Up for the article on the brilliant Beach Boys song ”Kokomo” (”The Strange History of Summer’s Most Annoying Song”). Thumbs-down, though, for calling it the most annoying summer song. As I get older, I seem to hate winter more and more. Thank God for the Beach Boys — a musical reminder of a place where it’s warm and sunny year-round. It was a privilege to be able to learn the background of what is in my opinion one of the best songs ever written. AJ GALLUCCI AGallucci@nec.edu Longmeadow, Mass.

What? not a single mention of Jimmy Buffett in your best summer tunes? I could understand your not knowing about ”One Particular Harbour” or ”Son of a Son of a Sailor,” both of which have a great summer feel and are among his best, but no ”Margaritaville”? The Beach Boys are nice, but how about a little bit of coverage for the Head Parrot? At least he still fills the houses. DON COLLIGNON Chicago

As the Plot Turns

It’s always good to see the proverbial bone thrown to the coverage of daytime television. But in your article (”Daytime’s Secret Weapon”), you shamelessly gave away an important plot twist on ”Days Of Our Lives,” literally months in the making. Were this an article about an upcoming theatrical blockbuster or prime-time TV series, you’d certainly warn your readers with a spoiler alert. Why not show the same respect to daytime viewers? KIRK HARTLAGE djcatnkirk@aol.com Orlando

In the Black

I’ve always been drawn to your magazine for the way it’s able to dissect trends in pop culture with an even balance of humor and insight. Occasionally, though, you print an article that goes a step beyond that. The most recent example of this — Chris Nashawaty’s fascinating piece on Shane Black (”the vanishing”) — transcends anything I’ve ever read in EW. It introduced me to a story I was completely unfamiliar with, but it did so in such a gripping and personal manner that I truly found myself identifying with the subject. Black’s Hollywood struggle is the type of story EW seems to tackle with passion. And those are the ones that set your magazine apart. BRENT JOHNSON Brewolf19@aol.com East Brunswick, N.J.

The Dangerfield Zone

You put ”No Talent” on your cover but relegate Rodney Dangerfield to the last feature on page 86 (”Everybody Loves Rodney”)? no wonder his motto is ”I don’t get no respect!” this was a great interview from Gregory Kirschling that was an affectionate but unclouded look at a legend, and it deserved more recognition. And Joan’s lovely (and loving) setup at the end about Jesus had me in stitches for the rest of the day. If only more of your articles were this interesting. DAVID GRODSKY St. Petersburg, Fla.

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