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The July dates that matter most in entertainment

The July dates that matter most in entertainment –EW tells you what movies, DVDs, and CD?s you should get your hands on this summer

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Three best indie-rock songs you should download with ”July” in the title:

1. ”July, July!” The Decemberists 2. ”July Jones,” The New Pornographers 3. ”July,” Low

Summer jams you are already sick of alert — read: do not download!

1. ”Dude,” Beenie Man featuring Ms. Thing 2. ”The Reason,” Hoobastank 3. ”Move Your Body,” Nina Sky featuring Jabba


Happy 54th birthday, Huey Lewis! Isn’t ”Sports” the laziest album title of all time? Yes! It is!


Happy 64th, Ringo Starr! Now don’t sue Danger Mouse!


Released today is ”Metallica: Some Kind of Monster”, an acclaimed documentary of the band’s agony while recording 2003’s ”St. Anger” — but not the agony of the fans who actually listened to it! (Can we get a rim shot?)


Welcome to the first day of the Macworld expo in Boston. Will Steve Jobs introduce a new, candy-flavored iPod that fits underneath your fingernail and comes preprogrammed with Kanye West beats that haven’t been made yet? No. But don’t stop dreaming, geeks!


Regulate yourself and pick up ”The Hard Way”, the decades-in-the-making debut of 213 — a munchie-inducing rap supergroup uniting two disparate Doggs (Snoop and Nate) with one Warren (G). And if you hear songs about being a good sister, wishing boys were nicer, and shopping, you’re keeping it real with Ashlee Simpson, Jessica’s slightly less blond li’l sis, whose debut is also out today. Your bad!


Celebrate the release of ”Catwoman” with some cat power of your own! Indie chanteuse Chan Marshall’s 2003 album, ”You Are Free”, is a good place to start.


Happy 43rd birthday, Gary Cherone! With Nuno refusing to be a VH1 Band Reunited and Van Halen replacing you with Hagar, the year ahead can only be better!


Pick up ”More Adventurous”, the third album by the criminally underrated L.A. indie-rock combo Rilo Kiley. It’s their finest yet — so hopefully people will stop mentioning that singer (and Postal Service sidewoman) Jenny Lewis costarred in ”Troop Beverly Hills.”


Your older sister’s favorite synthy miserablists the Cure hit New York City with their package tour, Curiosa, featuring two groups who do the Cure better than the old geezers do themselves: the Rapture and Interpol. Whilst there, play the…


If you see…

— a black scarf: one drink — three black scarves, including one to wave in the wind like a faerie: two drinks — a boy in lipstick: one drink — a boy in lipstick who’s not on stage: two drinks — someone crying: one drink — someone crying at a time other than when the Cure play a new song: two drinks — a Sisters of Mercy or white wolf T-shirt, an ankh necklace, or an elaborate henna tattoo: no drinks; it’s time to leave the parking lot!