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SCTV Network/90 Volume 1

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Dave Thomas, Rick Moranis, ...
SCTV: Everett Collection

SCTV Network 90 Volume One

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We gave it an A-

Late-night sketch comedy on NBC in 1981 consisted of more than the hardy-har stylings of Tim Kazurinsky and Joe Piscopo. It was also when the network started airing new 90-minute episodes of the Canadian cutup SCTV. Billing itself as a real-life network in scenic (and, of course, fictional) Melonville, the show featured both great comedic actors (John Candy, Eugene Levy, Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas) and classic characters (the McKenzie Brothers, Guy Caballero, Johnny LaRue). It also figured out a way to ingeniously work the show’s musical guests into the skits, like when Dr. John pays a deadly visit to Polynesiantown. EXTRAS The commentary tracks and looking-back segments are enlightening and entertaining. Even better is the 1999 reunion (moderated by Conan O’Brien), in which the cast reveals a major difference between them and the ”SNL” folks: ”We were relatively drug-free,” explains Joe Flaherty. ”We did the green stuff, not the white stuff.”