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Predicting future Oscar winners

Predicting future Oscar winners — Jeffrey Wright and Mark Ruffalo are among the actors who have the little golden guy coming, says Lisa Schwarzbaum

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Al Pacino, Jeffrey Wright, ...

Predicting future Oscar winners

Which not-quite-famous actor do you think has an Oscar in his future? My pick is Jeffrey Wright — Jeff Littleton
You couldn’t have chosen better: If HBO’s ”Angels in America” had been a theatrical movie, Wright might already have a golden boy on his shelf. I’d add Mark Ruffalo to the Oscar runway; he’s soon to be seen personifying sensitive ambivalence — his specialty — in ”We Don’t Live Here Anymore.” And I’ll place long-shot bets on ”The Station Agent”’s Bobby Cannavale and veteran Brian Cox, currently going ”grrrrr” as Agamemnon in ”Troy.”

When you like a movie that every other critic hates, do you think, ”I’m right and they’re wrong”? — John Heering Jr.
Something like that. Actually, I begin by thinking ”Huh??? Was I the only connoisseur who properly appreciated Lisa Kudrow’s fine work in ‘Marci X’?” Then I reread the criticism of my nay-saying colleagues with reverence and respect. And only then do I conclude, ”Nah. I’m right. They’re wrong.”

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