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An odd casting choice that paid off

An odd casting choice that paid off — David Spade has brought new life to the mediocre sitcom ”8 Simple Rules…,” says Ken Tucker

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David Spade
David Spade: Bob D'Amico

An odd casting choice that paid off

What’s the oddest casting in TV right now that works? — Martin

When I first heard David Spade was joining the cast of ”8 Simple Rules,” I gotta admit, I thought, ”Yeah, sure — that makes sense.” Why would snarky Spade, fresh from walking through the final season of ”Just Shoot Me,” be up for enlivening another bland sitcom? But darned if the actor (playing James Garner’s wiseacre, layabout grandson C.J.) isn’t really funny! And for a show that’s had a tough time being amusing since the untimely death of John Ritter, Spade’s presence is novel casting that pays off with real laughs.

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