Michelle Kung
June 11, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The Company is actress/former dancer Neve Campbell’s valentine to her ballet background.

When did you swap dancing for acting?

After I got ”Party of Five” when I was 20. I was acting 15 hours a day, so there wasn’t as much time for practice.

Was getting this movie made a real labor of love?

Completely. I started developing it seven years before [director Robert Altman] filmed it. A female-driven film is hard to get made, but a female-driven film about dance is even harder!

Multiple takes for each dance must have been tough.

Yeah, we couldn’t do them too many times. With the piece in Grant Park, we did it maybe twice full out, with five cameras rolling at the same time.

In the extras, you mention that you’d like to continue your training.

Well, I can’t stay at that kind of peak performance level, but I’m actually going to a ballet class this morning!

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