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Q&A with the man who brought us zombie vampires

Q&A with the man who brought us zombie vampires — ”Rabid” director David Cronenberg talks about the cult classic’s impact on the horror genre in light of its DVD release

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We’re foaming at the mouth for the special edition of ”Rabid” (R, 90 mins., 1977, Ventura), Cronenberg’s cult classic about a medical procedure that spawns a city full of zombie vampires. The horror director gave EW a sound bite.

How did porn queen Marilyn Chambers handle her first mainstream movie?

She invented her own type of Method acting. After a crying scene, she told me she’d thought about her cat Fluffy dying.

You originally wanted Sissy Spacek.

Yes. But the producers said she had freckles and a Texas accent. Then ”Carrie” came out, and by then it was too late. If only they had listened to me!

What’s up with the leading lady attacking with a needle that emerges from her armpit?

My original movie title was ”Mosquito.” So I created a low-budget F/X stinger, and it was no accident that it looked phallic. The act of sucking blood is strangely sexual — another plus to having Marilyn in the movie.