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''Van Helsing'' vs. Van Halen

”Van Helsing” vs. Van Halen — The pair of ”Vans” actually have a lot more in common than one would think

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Van Helsing. Van Halen. Sure, their names are similar, but what else could the monster flick with a $51.7 million debut and the veteran rock band have in common? As it turns out, plenty.


[VAN HELSING] The movie opens in black and white for heightened dramatic effect.

[VAN HALEN] The ”Hot for Teacher” video opens in black and white for heightened comic effect.

[VAN HELSING] In 1462, Dracula is reborn when he strikes a deal with the devil, but it contains the caveat that he has no heart and can feel no emotion.

[VAN HALEN] In 1978, the band releases the classic single ”Runnin’ With the Devil,” which contains the lyric ”I got no love, no love you’d call real.”

[VAN HELSING] Mr. Hyde plays tough by blowing a smoke ring at Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman).

[VAN HALEN] Eddie Van Halen plays piano while blowing smoke rings in the ”Panama” video.

[VAN HELSING] Dracula sucks blood from Dr. Frankenstein’s neck.

[VAN HALEN] Van Halen III, with lead singer Gary Cherone, sucks.

[VAN HELSING] Under an ominous sky, a vampire bride lifts a cow off the ground.

[VAN HALEN] A tornado lifts a cow off the ground in ”Twister,” which features two Van Halen songs.

[VAN HELSING] Kate Beckinsale’s Anna Valerious (right) executes a backflip in skintight black pants.

[VAN HALEN] In the video for ”Jump,” David Lee Roth executes a backflip in skintight black pants.

[VAN HELSING] A vampire bride is vanquished when Van Helsing sprays holy water on her.

[VAN HALEN] During an ’83 gig, Roth barks at a fan, ”Don’t be squirtin’ water at me. I’m gonna f — – your girlfriend, pal!”

[VAN HELSING] Dracula is often flanked by several hot babes and would like to add one more to his coterie.

[VAN HALEN] Roth is often flanked by several hot babes, and he claims in his memoir, ”My personal record is five chicks at once.”