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May 21, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Film Buffers

You can imagine my glee when I found the Summer Movie Preview issue in the mail. However, you cannot begin to imagine my frustration at the fact that there was nothing (except a release date) about Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. What a cast! What a concept! And yet, what a shock that it was left out of this issue. ANDREA HAMMOND paradox9@postmaster.co.uk Simpsonville, S.C.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As of press time, Sky Captain’s release date had been moved to Sept. 17. Look for it in our Fall Movie Preview.

I would like to make a recommendation to Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington, and Jonathan Demme: Rent The Manchurian Candidate! It is smart, sophisticated, beautifully directed and acted. I’m shocked that some of those involved in the remake are so dismissive of the original. No offense, but you can’t top John Frankenheimer’s brilliant direction or the performances, especially by a tortured Frank Sinatra and a sinister Angela Lansbury. This is one classic that did not need to be remade. LAURA BAKER laurabaker107@hotmail.com Hillsdale, Mich.

I must take issue with the dismissal of U.S. fans in your preview of Thunderbirds, which states that the 1960s series ”never quite caught on in America.” Yes, the series was syndicated in the U.S., but if you happened to have been a child in 1968, Thunderbirds was an obsession. Sadly, it took nearly 30 years for the series to be rebroadcast in the States, creating the false notion that no one here is familiar with the intrepid Tracy family. The large number of American Thunderbirds fans on the Internet can easily contradict the assertion you’ve made. We exist, and we love our Thunderbirds as much as fans in the U.K. DARIA BROOKS JohnTracyTB5@aol.com Los Angeles

Knightley Fever

I knew that the annual Summer Movie Preview was coming up, but did you have to run such a predictable cover? I was bored to, yet again, see Tobey Maguire’s jaded expression staring at me. Why not feature the babelicious Keira Knightley? She’s at least in a movie that hasn’t been inspired by another summer movie. JOEY MOSER screambuff80@hotmail.com Ellwood City, Pa.

Credit Check

I’d like to thank Troy Patterson for writing such a nice piece on me (”Hot Dish”). I did want to point out that my forthcoming short novel Triads is coauthored by Christa Faust. It’s very much a story I couldn’t have written without her, and she deserves credit. POPPY Z. BRITE New Orleans

The Fall Guys

I found your article on Mario Kassar and Andy Vajna one of the most insightful and well-detailed stories you’ve ever done (”The Boys Who Burned a Billion Dollars”). The tale of how a studio collapsed on itself due to mass overspending and poor product is a must-read for any Hollywood executive. It fits perfectly to have this in your issue where you preview would-be big-budget blockbusters. MICHAEL WEYER swerj321@msn.com Oak Brook, Ill.

Critic Cornered

Stephen King is one to talk about the pop-culture success of American Idol! How can he, the king of pop-culture literature, even begin to denigrate the entertainment value of AI? For King to indicate that Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard, and Kelly Clarkson have no talent is ridiculous. King needs to remember that he is no better than a pop-culture phenomenon himself. DEREK Q. HAZELTON Philadelphia

CORRECTIONS: Pompey, not Pompeii, is a general in HBO’s upcoming Rome series (News & Notes). We misspelled Chicago Bull Scottie Pippen’s last name (DVD & Video).

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