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''Alias'' scraps original season finale script

”Alias” scraps original season finale script. After teasing fans with an ”incredibly difficult choice” for Sydney, the idea was pulled for one with ”revenge”

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It’s time to adjust your ”Alias” intel: While teasing the May 23 season finale in EW #761, one of the show’s exec producers revealed that Sydney (Jennifer Garner, above) would have to make an ”incredibly difficult choice”: She could ”only save one of the two people she cares about most in life.” But now the choice has been made — to scrap that script. ”I felt like it didn’t do a number of things that I wanted to see,” says series creator J.J. Abrams. ”So the writers and I adjusted the story, and in doing that, the ending changed as well.” So what will actually happen? Abrams is playing it close to the bulletproof vest. ”It’s a revenge tale,” he offers. ”It’s also a morality play for Sydney because she’s determined to put an end to the trouble that this year has been, yet she doesn’t want to become as dark a figure as those she despises. The question is: How far will she go to right what has been wrong? And the ending — while it resolves a lot of issues — raises a key question of trust.” Trust us: We’ll be watching.