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Why ''Sixteen Candles'' may be too hot for 2004

Why ”Sixteen Candles” may be too hot for 2004 – How has the MPAA affected ratings rules over the years?

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It’s been 20 years since Sixteen Candles, and we still can’t believe Sam (Molly Ringwald) gave her undies to a geek. Nor can SNL’s Tina Fey, who rewatched the teen classic while penning her high school comedy, Mean Girls — and learned how times have changed. There’s no nudity or swearing in Girls, but a masturbation joke almost landed it an R rating. (The MPAA agreed to PG-13 after the line was tamed.) In the PG-rated Candles, one of Ringwald’s ”first lines is ‘They f — -ing forgot my birthday,”’ says Fey. ”The panties, Long Duk Dong — it made me think things have tightened up.” Still, Girls’ kid-friendly rating helped it to a $24 mil opening. ”Imagine an R-rated Lindsay Lohan movie? There would have been rioting in the streets!”