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What Really Happened To The Class Of '93

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What Really Happened To the Class of '93

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Chris Colin

We gave it a B

”We…came of age together at a very particular time,” former Salon.com editor Colin writes of his Alexandria, Va., high school class. ”From Rodney King to O.J. to Monica to the Boom to butterfly ballots to 9/11 to the war in Iraq, the last ten years accomplished a cumulative strangeness unlike anything ever seen in America.” As Colin gleans his peers’ tales over drinks and, in one case, within a monastery, what emerges is a smart and engaging, if slightly overindulgent where-are-they-now: the white antiestablishment activist who teaches at an all-black school; the lanky geek who’s learned to be comfortable in his (now her) own skin; the supersmart homecoming queen who, after a stint at the World Bank and business school, has no clue what to do next. There’s no comeuppance or explosive drama, but this voyeurism is hard to resist.