EW Staff
May 14, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Fresh Prince

I nearly fell down when I saw Prince on your cover. I’ve waited 10 years for mainstream media to show him the respect he deserves. By spotlighting Prince’s genius so prominently when you could’ve easily cashed in with some no-talent flavor of the moment on your cover, you’ve proven you not only have outstanding taste and intelligence — you’ve got soul. MARK PENTA mark@markpenta.com Framingham, Mass.

As someone who has always considered himself a Prince fan, I’m awfully disappointed in his attitude (”Comeback? I Never Went Anywhere!”). He must be living in a fantasy world, because he’s certainly not living in the USA, where everything is business, especially music. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for Warner Bros. (or some other label that offered more money), no one would know Prince, or care. If he’s been recording and touring anyway, why does he need Columbia to distribute his new CD? And let’s not forget that he did work with Arista a few years ago when he wasn’t attempting a comeback, either. Thanks, EW, for the article that changed this Prince fan into a person who won’t be listening anymore. FRED CAPOSSELA fredosela@earthlink.net

North Babylon, N.Y.

Better With Age Alias creator J.J. ABRAMS’ comment that Jennifer Garner is ”a beautiful girl with an ugly girl’s personality” provides insight into the sad thinking that fuels the American entertainment industry (News & Notes). Note to J.J.: A 32-year-old is a woman, not a girl. Your article states that Garner is poised to replace Julia Roberts as the biggest female star because Roberts has hit the ”ripe old age” of 36. That gives poor Jennifer four years in the sun before Hollywood sends her to the nursing home. TERRY HERNON MACDONALD terrymacdonald@sbcglobal.net

Shelton, Conn.

‘Kill’ thrill Quentin Tarantino took great care to layer his lead characters in Kill Bill — Vol. 2, choosing a storytelling structure that unveils these layers to us gradually, and at strategic points. The character development was so expertly done that near the end of the film I would not necessarily have predicted the ending. However, I had already read Lisa Schwarzbaum’s review and, unfortunately, she had decided that revealing the Bride’s final choice was ”no plot giveaway” (Movies). For me, this bit of hubris on the part of the critic was a real spoiler as I watched the dramatic final scenes draw to a close. MARGIE NUNN yougother@optonline.net

Bronx, N.Y.

Facing the Music I would like to thank David Browne for his no-holds-barred review of William Hung’s ”album,” Inspiration (Music). The whole phenomenon is a perfect example of how ass-backwards the recording industry is, when some guy can stink up the stage on American Idol and get a record deal out of it while countless real musicians are left struggling to land gigs at their local clubs, let alone a record contract. I’m glad that Browne was able to see past this rubbish and give it the harsh grade it deserves. ERIC ENDRES JIGGLEZ1@aol.com

Menasha, Wis.

Thank you, EW, for holding the entertainment in-dustry to the fire for its blatant missteps. I refer to your articles on Fox’s dangerously misogynistic and self-hate-promoting The Swan, and on the unfortunate promotion of William Hung and his new CD. These examples remind me of why I like and respect EW so much — a mainstream publication that has the balls to hold the various entertainment industries to higher standards. That can only benefit us all. Keep up the good work. AMY MALKOFF amy@allaboutbuford.com Marblehead, Mass.

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