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Love Actually

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Making his directorial debut, writer Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill) assembles an A-list cast for his 10 interwoven budding and wilting love stories. Among them: The debonair British prime minister (Grant) is taken with his chubby assistant (Martine McCutcheon); an American expat (Laura Linney) works up the nerve to pursue a sexy colleague (Rodrigo Santoro); and a middle-aged mom (Thompson) suspects her husband (Alan Rickman) of having an affair. Despite a surfeit of story lines, with conclusions that range from confusing to sitcom-tidy, Love is too sweet to resist. EXTRAS In the only noteworthy feature, Curtis teams up with cast members Grant, Bill Nighy, and Thomas Sangster for a comic commentary — discussing which scenes were cribbed from Four Weddings, reasons behind casting and musical choices, and Thompson’s fat suit (yup, she wore one, to pad out her svelte frame).