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May 07, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

On the Q.T.

How cool is Quentin Tarantino (”The Second Coming”)? Here is a guy who is more in love with movies and the magic of movies than that green god, the almighty dollar. It is refreshing to see someone with a devil-may-care attitude who loves his work as much as Tarantino. KEN COON Coondawg_76@yahoo.com Salt Lake City

Why does anybody want to know Quentin Tarantino’s favorite movie moments, who he wants to work with, etc.? He is an overrated, obnoxious, one-hit wonder. Pulp Fiction was 10 years ago. Nobody cares about him or what he thinks anymore. JOSEPH P. PINTAR jppintar@verizon.net New Hartford, N.Y.

Would you please state whether or not the wounded dove in your photo of Quentin Tarantino is real? It bothers me that you would run a picture like that and not indicate somewhere that no animals were harmed. GLENDA TAMBLYN glenda_tamblyn@hotmail.com Northridge, Calif.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rest assured, no birds were harmed in our photo shoot. The live birds were rented from a reputable company. The dead bird came from a taxidermist who specializes in life-size animal props; it was not hunted or killed for movie or photo purposes.

Divine Inspiration THANKS FOR THOM GEIER’S ”Hooray for Holywood.” Am I a Christian? You bet! Was I captivated by Lost in Translation, mesmerized by Adaptation, and tickled by A Mighty Wind? Yes, yes, and yes. It’s time Hollywood stopped thinking of Christians and entertaining movies as mutually exclusive. Assuming a Hollywood film won’t sell because it’s religious is no better than assuming Christians don’t know a good movie when we see it! JENNIFER JOSEPH librarianjen@msn.com Beaver Falls, Pa.

After articles showing contempt for The Passion of the Christ, it was refreshing to read your balanced piece about Christians in the film industry! May it be a step in the right direction for an industry that has a bad history of shunning Christian artists, and for Christian artists who have a bad history of making bad imitations of art. JOHN BOOK hopchic@yahoo.com Waco, Tex.

I found it amusing, and more than a little offensive, when Martha Williamson and Mitch Albom managed to undermine their entire conversation with one comment. By arguing that EW subscribers would not get past the second paragraph, and that those who enjoy EW have replaced religion with entertainment, they put forth a narrow-minded and condescending view of anyone who doesn’t adhere to their beliefs. KATIE ROLNICK tapfanatic@hotmail.com Chicago

Laugh Riot

The reasons why a group of very funny people were not included on the original 25 Funniest People list included he’s ”no longer quite as thrilling as he once was” and ”he’s never matched the hilarity” of the past (”The Last Laugh”). Those two sentences pretty much define your No. 1 funniest person, Chris Rock, whose tired routine of unfettered racism has remained largely unchanged for years. MAUREEN HANS mhans0820@yahoo.com Natick, Mass.

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