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Designing women pen new tomes

Designing women pen new tomes -The country club set is cooing for these designer books

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New lifestyle books from high-class designers Kate Spade of NYC (Style, Occasions, and Manners) and Lilly Pulitzer of Palm Beach (Essentially Lilly: A Guide to Colorful Entertaining) prepare one for a life of pink-and-green perfection. Stepford wives, anyone?


ON ENTERTAINING ”Before the canapes and the soft lighting is one ingredient that…defines ‘the good hostess’…grace.”

ON THEME PARTIES ”Tacky Everything,” complete with Twinkies, ketchup, and Tupperware.

ON BARGAIN HUNTING At sample sales, refrain from ”tugging and pulling, and griping and glaring.”


[ON ENTERTAINING] ”Just have fun. Don’t worry about every last little thing.”

[ON THEME PARTIES] ”Hazy-Crazy-Lazy pool party,” complete with gossip, Town & Country, and a manicurist.

[ON BARGAIN HUNTING] When haggling at flea markets, ”it’s easier to bargain if you don’t crack out a hundred-dollar bill.”