Karyn L. Barr
May 07, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Sappy-sweet with an added dose of cheese, this less-than-mildly charming romantic comedy has only one watchable aspect: newcomer Goode. The deliciously sarcastic and winsome Brit plays a Secret Service agent assigned to protect the President’s runaway daughter (a seriously grating Moore) as she traipses through Europe. But despite Goode’s handsome mug and thinly veiled disdain for his bubblegum costar, this drippy DVD is simply not worth chasing down. EXTRAS You can skip the awful European travel promo and Jeremy Piven’s ho-hum outtakes. But the stars’ commentary is irresistible: The more Moore yammers and complains about the shoot, the more Goode feels at liberty to reveal his disgust for his on-screen love, and the film.

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