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''Survivor's'' Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien laments on losing

”Survivor’s” Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien laments on losing – The fan favorite reopens old wounds for EW

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She outlasted (and outwitted) heavyweights like Richard, Colby, and Ethan, and for that, Survivor: All-Stars fan favorite Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien won a Q&A with EW. Lucky her!

You kept Amber around because Boston Rob from the other tribe asked you to. I’m going to pause for five seconds and give you an opportunity to scream your head off.

I’ve already done that. I went into unbelievable shock. It was a million-dollar boo-boo.

You didn’t pee on anyone’s hand this time. Frankly, I’m a bit disappointed in you.

Damn, I didn’t urinate on anybody! And I was looking to do it! I was looking for sea urchins to throw on Rob and Amber.

We also know Lex made one huge mistake in this game, and I’m referring, of course, to that Mohawk! What the hell?

Yeah, who knew? I was gonna match him up with a Matrix Reloaded look, but I already looked bad enough on that show.

On the same episode you got kicked off, you received the weekly Tylenol ”Push Through the Pain” Award. Nice consolation?

Just what I wanted to know — that I had a headache. I’m so glad Tylenol pointed that out. Where was my bottle of Tylenol when I needed it on the island?