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Marilyn Monroe: As Young as You Feel, Love Nest, Let's Make It Legal, We're Not Married!

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There’s a reason these films are not part of the Monroe Diamond Collection series: ”Rhinestones” would be a more fitting moniker. Although the buxom blonde is as sweetly naive as ever in her roles as secretary, WAC temptress, model, and beauty queen, her screen time is scant, and her purpose, to put it kindly, is basically to serve as eye candy. The DVD debuts are amusing as droll throwbacks to a more domestically driven era (twin beds for married couples!), but as Marilyn Monroe films, the quartet are for die-hard fans only. EXTRAS Unlike the more extensive Diamond Collection 1 and 2, these discs — each sold separately — offer only original trailers, and just Legal and Nest feature (lackluster) commentary tracks.