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Three Weeks With My Brother

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Three Weeks With My Brother

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Nicholas Sparks (Author), Micah Sparks

We gave it a D+

Those Sparks boys sure do cry a lot. Not that they don’t have good reason; their story is fraught with more family hardship and premature death than can be found in any of Nicholas’ best-selling novels. The guided world tour the brothers took in the winter of 2003 — Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, etc. — is apparently an excuse to jump from encyclopedically dry accounts of the trip to sporadically engaging narratives of the brothers’ hard-knock, chin-up lives. While Micah’s writing credit seems mostly honorary, fans and critics alike will learn that the entire Sparks brood speaks with the same square, vanilla aphorisms, evinces the same love for soft-focus sentiment, and holds absolutely no concept of the word irony.