Gary Susman
April 15, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Troy McClain and Jessie Conners may have been fired early from ”The Apprentice,” but they were around long enough to learn one lesson from The Donald: capitalize on your name recognition. reports that the two have started their own business, The online service will offer subscribers tips on personal finance and entrepreneurship. (Tip No. 1: Try to get your subscribers to cough up $20 to $40 per month.)

”We’re teaching people to put action behind their dreams,” Conners told “Jessie came up with the idea, and we figured, ‘why don’t we be the [entrepreneurs] we’re supposed to be?”’ McClain said. He noted that the pair will have to act fast, as interest in all things ”Apprentice” is likely to diminish after Thursday’s season finale. ”We’ve used up ten minutes of fame,” he said. ”We have about five left.”

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