Dalton Ross
April 09, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

We gave it an A

It was the best teen-themed TV show…well, ever. There, I said it. Telling the tale of Detroit-area high schoolers circa 1980, Freaks and Geeks failed in the ratings game because the majority of adults didn’t want to watch a show about kids, and the majority of kids didn’t want to watch a show about the early ’80s. Too bad, because as critics and fanatics alike will tell you, the dramedy was the most honest portrayal of student angst and awkwardness you’re likely to find. Now, the one-season wonder gets its proper due in the form of an extras-laden six-disc edition that is more than just a viewing pleasure — it’s a bona fide historical document. EXTRAS Not only does the set feature oodles of deleted scenes, cast auditions, and an insane 29 commentary tracks (including one genius in-character entry from the faculty of McKinley High), but for the truly geeky there is even a deluxe eight-disc version (available only at freaksandgeeks.com), with an unfilmed script, hour-long Q&A, and three cast table reads. Dig it.

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