The Apprentice: Scott Duncan
Karyn L. Barr
April 08, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Trump fires Amy, and Omarosa returns!


Last week, I refused to believe that the contestant I loved to hate for a solid five weeks was returning. After all, for the past 12 weeks, we ”Apprentice” lovers have been unfairly suckered in by the promise of fictional romances, catfights, and the oh-so-classic ”toughest decisions yet.” Then the lousy two seconds of flirting between Nick and Amy — and boardroom decisions that were as predictable as Trump’s cheesy self-promotions — always (ALWAYS!) left me feeling cheated.

But I’ll be damned! The crazy cats behind this week’s ep knew what — or I should say, who — would be a ratings-grabber: They threw in a quick one-liner about Omarosa coming back, and suddenly I was all about canceling my dinner plans, lazing around in sweats, and being BFF with my TiVo.

Even so, the promise of Omarosa’s return almost wasn’t enough to keep me from boycotting Mark Burnett and NBC. Why? Because in the first 10 minutes, my girl Amy — the gal I so positively knew would win this whole shebang — got the boot! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Did the Donald not see that Amy is smart? Did he not know that she could negotiate better than the rest of the Trump-ettes? And is it just me, or did he make it clear a while ago that she was the team favorite and he ”should just hire her now”? And now she’s gone?! WHAT? Come on, Mr. Trump, for a businessman who’s all about being and having the best, you kicked the so-called ”Stepford Wife” to the streets because she ”irritated the hell” out of your cronies during their interviews?? Can’t you think for yourself?

Granted, Amy’s supposed ”relationship” with Nick may have been a bit of a distraction. Then again, I’m not entirely convinced that they had a thing in the first place. We never saw Amy respond to Nick’s bad one-liners or cheesy taxicab confessions. We never saw them kiss. And we sure as hell didn’t see any chemistry between the two of them when they jetted down to Florida for a semi-private lunch.

Come to think of it, maybe that’s why Trump fired Nick in the first 20 minutes. Maybe the big D got tired of waiting for something to happen between the copy boy and his gal pal. Maybe he needed to put them out of their televised misery. Hmmm…

In any case, the two final contestants, Bill and Kwame, were told that they must head up separate tasks with six boardroom bootees serving as their employees. Bill (with the help of Amy, Katrina, and Nick) was to head the Chrysler Trump Golf Tournament. Kwame had to organize a Jessica Simpson concert at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City with his buddy Troy, Heidi, and Little Miss Hypochondriac (Omarosa) as his yes-man and women.

You might assume that these candidates are all adults and completely professional so they’d respect their leaders and go with the program. No hard feelings. No grudges. No ”I hate you because you called me a kettle.” But no! Not when you’re dealing with poor, overly bitter Omarosa. I swear on my Trump bobble head (which, sadly, I’ll have to fork over to a coworker tomorrow for betting on Amy) that Omagrossa was all about the sabotage!

While in A.C., she was put in charge of airport travel for Jessica Simpson and her band. An easy enough task, right? All you have to do is get the flight info, call in a couple neon-lit limos and voilà! Your ”talent” is speeding down the Atlantic City Expressway in luxury.

Not quite. The Big O simply ignored protocol, and scarfed down dinner, pretending that all was well instead of telling her teammates about possible travel snafus. So when the Taj’s entertainment director called the following day to tell Kwame that Jessica Simpson and her band were MIA, Kwame was clueless. And Omarosa simply acted not-so-convincingly sweet and innocent by swearing that she took care of all the travel arrangements. Right…sure. ”Took care of” must be code words for ”You’re going down, sucker!!”

Cue Omarosa rubbing her hands, looking maniacally into the camera as the credits roll and wickedly laughing ”Bru-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!” And cue me manically screaming at the TV, ”Wake up and smell the sabotage, Kwame! Before next week’s finale and before the evil one gets the last laugh!!”

So, what do you think? Can the Big O bring Kwame down? Will Bill triumph on the golf course? And how would you rate this episode?

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