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Billy Bob Thornton will be a dad again

Billy Bob Thornton will be a dad again. Angelina’s ex has a new girlfriend, who’s about to bear him his fifth child

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Time to buy a baby-sized coonskin cap. Billy Bob Thornton, who stars as Davy Crockett in the new film ”The Alamo,” is about to become a dad again. The 48-year-old announced to the Associated Press that he and new girlfriend Connie Angland are expecting a child in October. It’ll be the fifth child for the five-times-married actor, including Maddox, the boy he and Angelina Jolie adopted shortly before they divorced two years ago.

Not much is known about Angland, a 39-year-old who is not in show business. The couple’s stork news comes as Thornton, making the rounds to promote ”Alamo,” has been speaking fondly in interviews about his two-year marriage to Jolie. ”It was a great relationship,” he told GQ magazine. ”For the time we were together, we loved each other and we did it all the way. We didn’t leave any stone unturned. But we had different ideas about how we wanted to live our lives — that’s all it was.” He said that, despite rumors, he never cheated on Jolie, but he didn’t want to live her globetrotting, UN goodwill ambassador lifestyle. ”She’s all over the world, and I respect her for it,” he told GQ. ”I want to stay home.” Looks like he’ll get his chance now.