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Cop: Courtney Love admitted OxyContin use

Cop: Courtney Love admitted OxyContin use. The night she was arrested in Los Angeles, she admitted using ”hillbilly heroin,” officer says at pretrial hearing

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Courtney Love
Courtney Love: Ace Pictures/Newscom

Maybe it was best that Courtney Love didn’t attend Monday’s pretrial hearing in her upcoming Los Angeles court case, since the proceedings proved doubly damaging to her defense. Not only did Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg toss a defense motion to bar evidence against Love — including urine samples and her statements to police — but one of those alleged statements, as recounted on the stand by an arresting officer, included an admission that Love had been using OxyContin, or as she allegedly referred to it, ”hillbilly heroin.”

Love was arrested last October after smashing the windows of the house where ex-boyfriend Jim Barber lives, resulting in charges of disorderly conduct and being under the influence of a controlled substance. On Monday, Reuters reports, Officer Scott Blackman testified that such symptoms as slurred speech and dilated pupils suggested to him that Love was intoxicated, and he testified: ”She admitted to taking Hillbilly Heroin, the street name for OxyContin.” According to the Associated Press, Love’s attorney, Michael Rosenstein, tried to blunt the impact of the police testimony by arguing that, even with such an admission, police had no cause to arrest Love because they wouldn’t have known that she didn’t have a prescription for the drug, that Barber had declined to press charges, and that she had a taxi waiting at the scene, meaning that she wouldn’t have been about to drive while under the influence. ”It’s very clear, quite frankly, that this was a witch hunt against my client,” Rosenstein said, adding that police ”recognized my client as high profile. She should have been released to the waiting taxi cab and sent home.”

Love has two other pending court cases. She’s awaiting trial in Beverly Hills on charges of illegal possession of hydrocodone and oxycodone, which authorities said they discovered later that same October morning after Love was taken to a hospital for a reported overdose. She also faces reckless endangerment and third-degree assault charges in New York City for allegedly hitting a clubgoer with a microphone stand during a performance last month to promote her new CD, ”America’s Sweetheart.”