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Summer's 10 hottest tours: get the details

Prince, Britney, Madonna, and Van Halen: Find out about this summer’s 10 hottest tours — and how to score tickets

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Prince, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Prince: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Prince: Musicology Tour (March 29- Aug. 28)

WHY IT’S HOT Baby, he’s a star… again. After more than a decade of hiding out in Paisley Park, the pop, rock, and R&B maestro is intent on reclaiming his crown. The recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee will play such hits as ”Purple Rain” and ”Kiss” — backed by a crack band that includes James Brown saxophonist Maceo Parker.
BURNING QUESTION Will secular audiences be turned off by the Purple One’s new found penchant for Jesus shout-outs (he recently became a Jehovah’s Witness) — or by his apparent refusal to sing his raunchier fare (”Darling Nikki,” ”Sexy M.F.,” etc.)?

Madonna: re-Invention Tour (May 24-Aug. 2)

WHY IT’S HOT She’s playing the good material, girl. The Kabbalah-icized, mommified Madonna had been acting like her earlier, more fun songs were beneath her (her 2001 ”Drowned World” tour’s setlists often included only two pre-1994 songs: ”Holiday” and ”La Isla Bonita”). But this time, Madonna’s reps promise a more balanced take on her catalog — even if the classic songs are ”reinvented” along the way.
BURNING QUESTIONS Can a 45-year-old mother of two give a sincere performances of ”Like A Virgin”? And does the world really need a ”re-invention” of ”True Blue”?

Van Halen (June 11-Aug. 19)

WHY IT’S HOT So Van Halen aren’t reuniting with original lead belter David Lee Roth. But at least they’ve got Sammy Hagar (who left the group in ’96) and not Gary Cherone (of the ill-fated Van Halen III) — or worse, a fourth new singer. As long as clean-and-sober Eddie Van Halen can still shred, we’re there, dude.
BURNING QUESTION Will the formerly feuding Eddie (who has accused his frontmen of suffering from an ego disorder called ”Lead Singer Disease”) and Sammy be asking: ”Why can’t this be love?”