Gary Susman
March 31, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

HE WAS ON A BREAK Could he BE any more ubiquitous? Matthew Perry has been traveling everywhere from Mexico to New York to promote the April 9 release of his movie ”The Whole Ten Yards.” On Tuesday, he visited David Letterman’s ”Late Show,” where he offered his idea for how to end ”Friends.” ”I thought that everybody should move out and I should stay. We’d call the show ‘Friend.”’ Of the actual ending we’ll see in May, he assured fans: ”There’s no earthquake or anything,” adding that, ”The characters are OK.”

The 34-year-old also told Letterman of his recent trip to Cancun, where he appeared on MTV’s ”Spring Break 2004” and had a contest with teenage drama queen Lindsay Lohan over who could autograph the most midriffs in two minutes. Perry won, 42 to 33, according to People magazine, after which he said he felt old and crawled back to his hotel to rest.

GETTING THE BRUSH-OFF Courteney Cox may live in a Hollywood mansion, but she still doesn’t have room for a lot of knickknacks, especially with a baby on the way. A lot of items have had to go, many of them belonging to her packrat husband. ”I have a lot of giant things like a giant toothbrush,” David Arquette told the Chicago Sun-Times while promoting his new movie ”Never Die Alone.” ”I didn’t think that could stay. Most of my swap meet stuff has gone. In fact, I’m pretty much banned from going to swap meets. I got a personal ban on going there.” He said the ban was self-imposed, not ordered by Cox, because of his impending fatherhood. Still, he said, he’s happy to defer to his wife when it comes to home decor, whether in their house or on their cable show ”Mix It Up.” ”Courteney is definitely in charge when it comes to decorating,” he said. ”She has a knack for it and she has so much experience.”

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