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EW sizes up trailers for the hottest upcoming movies

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EW sizes up trailers for the hottest upcoming movies

13 GOING ON 30 Jennifer Garner lost two years of her life on Alias; this time, she loses 17. At this rate, she’ll be on dialysis by May. Still, this femme Big looks like winning fluff. The ”Thriller” sequence is just painful, though. B-

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS Grope me silly and call me Sally, but I loved Ah-nuld’s brief Conanesque contribution to this Disney update. But ugh, that stale Sugar Ray song! At least it’s not ”All-Star.” B

THUNDERBIRDS Retro kitsch? Kandy korn for kiddies? It’s hard to tell. One thing’s certain: It’s got Bill Paxton! And nothing says ”big-screen remake of obscure puppet-driven ’60s TV series” like…Bill Paxton! B-

GODZILLA We’re guessing that spells ”Godzilla.” But it also spells ”less is more.” The trailer for the rerelease of the original monster-rama is nothing but well-timed title cards — and one spectacular sound effect. A-

I, ROBOT Switching between jokes and sci-fi suspense with jarring suddenness, Will Smith’s cybernetic murder mystery comes off as a tonally incoherent gag reel. Also: Is it just me, or do those robots look botoxed? C+

ANCHORMAN Sure, it seems like a one-joke movie: ”The ’70s were sleazy…and funny!” Then again, with Will Ferrell as a mustachioed, scotch-swilling journo-lizard, it might be one pretty good joke. B+