Paris Hilton: Bill Cooke/AP
March 22, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

Paris Hilton and animals don’t seem to get along. In the first season ”The Simple Life,” it was the dairy cows that stymied the hotel heiress’ first attempt at gainful employment. Now, as the second season shoots, it’s horses. According to the Associated Press, she was riding one on Friday during the show’s visit to a Tampa-area stable when the animal threw her off its back and kicked her in the stomach. She was taken to Tampa’s St. Joseph’s hospital, but after three hours there, doctors found nothing worse than bruises and did not admit her, a hospital spokeswoman said. Outside the hospital, the 23-year-old was photographed wearing a midriff-baring t-shirt, and she did not appear to be black and blue. No word on how much of the incident will be shown when Fox broadcasts ”The Simple Life 2” in June.

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