March 12, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

A month after Janet Jackson’s breast brooch became Hollywood’s most feared accessory, the entertainment biz is still feeling shock waves — from the warning during Survivor, cautioning viewers before Richard Hatch issued his final full-frontal taunt, to the Oscars’ five-second tape delay. Herewith, a nipple-effect update.

CLEARING THE AIR Citing the ”rising tide of indecency,” radio behemoth Clear Channel axed Florida DJ Bubba the Love Sponge Feb. 24 after FCC regulators threatened to issue a $755,000 fine for airing sexual material. A day later, Clear Channel suspended Howard Stern’s popular show from six markets, calling it ”vulgar, offensive, and insulting.” Stern, for one, blamed Janet’s boob.

SAVING IT FOR LATER MTV and ABC also played prude in the wake of Jackson’s exposure, but only briefly. The music channel’s ballyhooed consigning of saucy videos by Britney Spears and Maroon 5 to late night lasted only 10 days. The move was not a permanent decision, says an MTV rep, but a ”response to the pulse of the culture.” And ABC asked that NYPD Blue cut a sex scene to avoid FCC ire, only to backtrack and air a shadowed version March 2.

GETTING THE BOUNCE Miss Jackson-if-you’re-nasty’s latest malfunction? She lost the lead in ABC’s Lena Horne biopic after the 86-year-old legend was offended by the breast baring. Meanwhile, Jackson’s garment-ripping cohort, Justin Timberlake, followed up his Grammy apology by landing his first film role, with Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey in Edison.

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